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reAnimate was created in response to the observation of most of our daily life struggles - With most of us feeling like we can barely keep our heads above water, our physical health and body-mind connection is often left neglected for other responsibilities. Whether you’re on top of it or struggling to find a start, we’re hoping that we can make this a bit easier for you.

We’re hoping to help you to understand your health a bit better - Do a full body analysis and health assessment with the guidance of videos, and receive a full explanation of what each result means to you. We’ve also taken ten years to create the most accurate algorithmic body fat calculator we’ve seen, but if you prefer the good old caliper pinch test, you can use those results too. You can also input results that you may have already (recently) received from a professional.

All of your results will be tracked on various interactive graphs for you to monitor your changes. We also want you to understand that change comes in various forms, which is why we’ve given you the option to input your progress photos and girth measurements, for those days where you need to remember how well you’re really doing.

You can tell us whether you’re looking to improve your physique or simply maintain your health, and we’ll filter exercises for you to view based on your goals, and what we have established from your assessments. Filter your results further by searching by your environment (we want you to be able to train easily at home, outdoors and in the gym) and the equipment you have available to you. Save your favourite exercises to come back to next session.

There are already pre-made workout routines for you to choose from, or you can create your own and share it with your friends if you like. There are also full, categorized workout class videos to browse through, if you feel like something different. The best part is the automatic routine creator, which will create a routine for you based on your assessment; the long term goals you’ve already inputted, and any imbalances it might have picked up in your assessment results. You tell it where you’re training; what equipment you have around; whether you would like a core, fitness, flexibility, toning or strength routine; how hard you want your session to be, and how long you want to train, and it’ll create a routine in moments.

You are able to browse through our map of thousands of facilities and quickly find a professional, facility or studio near by. By leveraging Google Maps and combining it with our custom data we provide you with a platform to connect, share and interact with facilities or professionals. You can share your home-based health assessment with your professional or business of choice, enabling them to further analyze your assessment report and create accurate custom routines for you.

Check the app daily to see what your various biorythms say about how your different levels are doing, and if you are at a peak or low on your physical, emotional, intellectual, intuitive, aesthetic, self-awareness and spiritual graphs. The textual feedback will help guide you through all your highs and lows.


Why do I have to do an assessment?

You can use reAnimate without doing an assessment but we highly recommend that do the assessment. It is hard to judge your progress and assess your weaknesses without testing your abilities. Our detailed report will highlight where your risks lie and provide recommendations.

What makes the assessment so accurate?

We have spent 10 years developing our health assessment. We have made our body fat formula incredibly accurate as it factors in every test result. Each test uses global testing standard brackets to calculate your strength and weakness points which our report automatically assess and guides you.

How are routines made?

Your health assessment results help the routine creator create a custom one of a kind routine for you. You will never have the same routine created for you and will always be specific to your current health/strength bracket, equipment available, goal and duration. Our formula creates the correct break duration's between exercises and lets you replace exercises you don't like.

What are Biorythms?

These are waves of highs and lows. It is believe that we have high and low points, from the day we are born, where we will be more adept at something than other days. By scheduling our important days around your Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Intuitive, Aesthetic, Self-Awareness and Spiritual cycles you can operate at your optimum.

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